Riverline (​+​digital booklet)

by Riverline

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vexus A great debut LP from a band that keeps the spirit of Hybrid Theory and Meteora going. Favorite track: Breathless.
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charles-dutau Well done guys! I find it interesting how you made the tracks follow each other, alternating constantly between heavy and soft. You definitely showed that you guys are more than just a copy of Linkin Park. Favorite track: Memories.
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Riverline's first full-length album. A powerful balance of heavy rock music and beautiful hip-hop ballads.


released June 28, 2019

© 2019, Riverline

Produced by Richard Medhurst and Zhanik Negmatov
Mixed by Richard Medhurst
Art direction and design: Richard Medhurst

Vocals: Brandon Roman Lenz
Vocals, Guitars, Programming: Richard Medhurst
Guitars, Synths, Programming: Zhanik Negmatov
Turntables, Samples: Yang Leong


all rights reserved



Riverline Los Angeles, California

Riverline is a band whose sound is synonymous with its name. Combining elements of Rock, Rap and Electronic, the result is a tightly-woven blast of heavy guitars, roaring drums, iconic synths and a powerhouse of vocals. Drawing inspiration from the sounds of the early 2000s, they aim not to copy, but to reinterpret the essence of modern rock and keep its legacy in their own way. ... more

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Track Name: Collateral
Control gone
The hate that set the pace
For so long
This war that failed to cease
All along
I’ve fought to find a peace
But you never wrong
Never stop your greed
Now everything unraveling and bringing us down
The ground held by a thread
Let it all fall out
Set this anger alight
Let it all ignite
And fuel this burn out
‘Til there’s nothing left inside

I will never be another part of you
There’s nothing you can say
No words that ring more true
I gave my life for all your lies
And now I’m dead inside

The rebel cause
The soldier leading the charge
Brings the machine down now to grind a halt
An idol falls
For all to feast their eyes
Hiding in demise from their lies and guilt
Now everything unraveling and bringing us down
The ground shakes from the shock waves
Shots and sounds
Watch the dust settle
Heavy metal, killin’ ‘em all
Hit ’em with the hellfire
Let ‘em burn in the fall
Track Name: Reflection
Forgotten promise
Nothing left inside of me
A thunder forming
Raging oh so silently
Under your shadow
Lost I couldn’t bear to see
And now I know you’ll always be the worst of me

Steady adrenaline trickling down
Enveloping every element then filling the sound
With the bellowing dissonance of a million pounds
Buckling under the pressure to the weight of the ground
Now it’s on, put it down, breaking part of this plight
With the madness of this matter taking over my life
All the pain staking mistakes and finical strife
Compiled inside of this violent divide of mine
And i’m so far gone, evil eyes’ll swell
Neither dead nor alive, man I can’t even tell
Look in the mirror and shudder just at seeing myself
Searching for the exit sign to quick escape this hell
As it swells, growing darker and larger than life
Taking over every corner, disbarring the light
A shadow black where your reflection used to be
Now It's all I see when I look into your eyes
And I

Please, try to believe, to see what it feels
When nothing feels like it’s real nor whatever it seems
Trying to summon up the courage to just get up and leave
But the air’s just getting heavier and harder to breath
In this nightmare dream, laying flat on my chest
A state of static panic, always feeling manic depressed
Erratic and frantic, feeding off the venom and stress
I be emphatic ‘bout it but nobody’s giving a shit
So I guess it’s, back to the abyss, and amidst in its grips
Feeling like there’s nothing left that could save me from this
Jitter as I shiver trying to make some sense of this mess
Out of breath, feeling lost, hopeless and remiss
As it swells, growing darker and larger than life
Leaving me so cold, hollow, and broken inside
An empty shell where my reflection used to lie
Now there’s nothing at all when I look into my eyes
And I
Track Name: Elements
Without a doubt
This time I’m getting out, breaking out
This time there won’t be no calm, no forgiving/I
Need to pause, collect all my thoughts
And in a second I’ll be lost and I’ll be letting out
All the anger, the pain, the fire, the rain
The bruises, abuse, the blues and bloodstains
The wrath, the revenge, the fall, the ascent
The scars and the dents that I’ve kept inside/and I

Blame it all on them/Never to be
In a world set free/Never to see
As they lose their faith/With one way
To a tragic fate
When it turns on you

Paralyzed, unable to move
Unable to breathe ‘til I see this dispute defused
Immobilized until this hunger is removed
And I can finally sleep once I’ve given back to you
All the anger, the pain, the fire, the rain
The deceit, deception, lies and disdain
The wrath, the revenge, the fall, the ascent
The scars and the dents that you left in me/and I

All the anger, the pain, The fire, the rain
The guilt and the greed, the never ending games
The wrath, the revenge, the fall, the ascent
All the times you said you wouldn’t do it again

Let me go/Don’t you touch me again
Give it up/Don’t you try to pretend
Stop it all/That’s it’s all in my head
I won’t stop until your mask is broken
Track Name: Too Late
Staring out my window
collecting my thoughts
Reminiscing on the past, finally found what I want
A reason to keep on living, a feeling of want
Purpose I can believe in, a cause worthy to be fought
Ready for what happens on and whatever is next
Keep on dealing ‘em damages, never saving my breath
Never pay ‘em no mind and never give ‘em an inch
Looking back how far we've come with this shit

Now it’s too late
Nothing left to say
And I’m alone and on my way
And I can find myself again
Back against the wall
Now it’s too late
Nothing they can say
Memories slowly start to fade
Now it’s all come crashing down
To a grinding halt
Now I’m on my way

Quick to sift the baggage, quick to spew attacks
Quick to repeat/what could they say?
Knowing these cowards be wack
Said it couldn’t be done
said we wouldn’t be shit
Ain’t nothing that you can tell me they ain’t already said
Fiending, squeezing my pen for every drop I can get
Take on all I can fathom
man and I’ve been waiting for this
Every obstacle possible I’ma crush it to bits
But nothing’s ever enough when you want the best

[And I can’t find myself again/
Memories slowly start to fade]
Track Name: Bound
Resurrect the dark secrets held inside
Watching with both eyes open wide
See, you can run now but you can’t hide
‘Cus every memory inside will eat you alive
And every black thought you tried to project
Left you with a fate that you couldn’t accept
So every second you evaded came back again
Eventually bringing it all to an end

Far from where you are
I’ll never be
You take everything you can and leave nothing to me
And I’m alone
So far from home
I’ll never be what you want
And I could never be free

So you’re left with no pride and nothing to say
You look to the ground and try to turn away
Seeing every memory is a step back
You try not to take now but you’re set back
You can’t sleep, hoping you’ll connect the dots
Unlock the secrets held beneath your thoughts
Redeem yourself now from eternal curse
And when the smoke lifts worse comes to worst
Track Name: Breathless
Guess it’s too late to find our way back
Too many bruises, scars, too many attacks
Too many times we stabbed each other in the back
Too many things said that you wouldn’t take back
Never willing to crack or show any mercy
Doing anything in your power to just hurt me
Always making make me feel so worthless
Unworthy of your purpose
Numb on the surface
And I can’t breathe

You left me breathless
One word that sparks the sky
Floating inside my mind
There’s one thing left behind
You left me breathless
I’m drowning in denial
Now I know that I just want you by my side

And I can hardly erase these thoughts
So much pain that never fades, it rages on
Any glimmering of hope never stays for long
Overshadowed by hurt, couldn’t save this bond
And it’s hard to go on living nervously
Knowing that the spark’s gone, just a memory
Lost sight of what was, now it’s hard to see
With this grip on my chest, I can
I can hardly breathe
Track Name: Antidote
The atmosphere is clear
Since last year I’ve been throttling up in full gear
Running towards the spotlight as the fans jeer
With the sheer danger of falling flat on my face
Fuck the race, I double my pace
Never look back, attack
Proceed to hit ‘em all in the back
’Cus every motherfucker out there is out to get your act
And act like all they did was get behind your back
But screw those snakes, they’re fake
Never make that mistake
Don’t ever flake and no matter what stay wide awake
‘Cus I’m at my boiling point now about to bust
And if I get bit one more time I’ma self-destruct

[Try to play it down but it comes right back up
Try to play it down but it keeps coming up]

Break me into two
[Til I can’t take anymore]
Break me into half
[’Til I’m lying on the fucking floor]

In the beginning I was kidding
Never thought I would’ve fought
‘til the bitter and pissed ’em off
And I’d do it again if I was given the chance
You fucking assholes ain’t done with me
I’m coming back
Ten times better off than last time I let off
So get off my case, this rat race is lost
Minus the pain and cost that it’s cost me now
I look back at my scars and stand proud as a man
Who stands for no bullshit
And respect I demand
I keep going and going pushing a master plan
I see you don’t understand the work I put in
So don’t expect to win, bitch
Let defeat set in
‘Cus screw those snakes, they're fake
Never make that mistake
Don’t ever flake and no matter what stay wide awake
See right now I'm at boiling point now about to bust
And if I get bit one more time I’ma self-destruct

Get off
Let me let go
Let me let go
I’ve had it with this
I’m done with this
So get off

Let me let go
Let me let go
I’ve had it with this
I’m sick of this so get off

Let me let go
Let me let go
I’ve had it with this
I’m sick of this and I’m done
Track Name: Horizon
And I know the way it goes
Time flies, the love dies and breaks the mold
Realize you’re not alright, I’ll take the fault
Apologize, then pretend it never happened, no
Going round and round the same vicious circle
From one fight to the next, never feeling normal
Poking holes in each other’s egos for jokes
Throwing a tight rope around each other’s throats
And I never meant to say those words
Never meant to leave you feeling undeserved
Never meant to save face and leave you hurt
And so came I to say this, hope I’ll be heard ‘cus I

Don’t wanna be the source of your pain
Don’t wanna be remembered in vain
Don’t wanna fill your brain
With old thoughts of misery when it rains
Don’t wanna be the source of your pain
Don’t wanna be remembered in vain
Don’t wanna fill your memories with hate
When you think of my name

On the horizon
I’ll see your face glowing once again
On the horizon
Have faith and hold my hand ‘til we’re there

Must have lost our way somewhere along the path
Looking back, never thought it would’ve come to this
Certain things said never wash away the grief
Holding a grudge that’ll never ever budge it seems
Going on from one fight until the next
Spewing dirt at each other, never save a breath
Pushing away further ‘til there’s nothing left
Burned bridges crumbling amidst the ash and mist
And I never meant to say those words
Never meant to leave you feeling undeserved
And if I hurt you I want you to know your worth
And so came I to say this, hope I’ll be heard, ‘cus I
Track Name: Memories
Trying to submerge me and swerve me under the waves
Trying to deter me from earning my right to stay
But I’m determined to burn ‘em, I’m rife with rage
All the hurt and the pain needs to wash away
So many countless days I wasted away
Feeling nervous and worthless, they said to me
With no purpose except to leave me feeling worse
Head hung below my shoulders and feeling cursed
Feels like I’m about to burst, give ‘em what they deserve
Feed these mother fuckers lead, take no prisoners
Full of worry inside when my head just hurts
Losing my train of thought, everything’s in reverse
And I don’t need no perks to stay on top this verse
Nothing but straight carnage, peep the words
Taking over your system like a swarm of germs
See when it rains it pours, and when it stings it burns

Standing on my own
My demons calling out
Fading echos
Waiting for an answer
Lost in endless plight
Another day departed
Fading ashes
Waiting for an answer

Y’all better sit still, sit quiet and see
Who spits this so ill, easy and seamlessly?
With sick skill, a sixteen so effortlessly
See the rhymes and the lines be the witness of me
What this is to me, nah they simply don’t grasp
I’m trying to make history, something built to last
But I sense jealousy every time they pass
Something menacing and sick in the way they laugh
Feels like a toxic gas in this atmosphere
With these smoke screens things are seldom clear
And all the snakes in the grass up inside of here
It’s survival of the fittest and jungle warfare
Never cease to keep on filling my wounds with salt
And have consequently unlocked a beast in moi
This urge to purge, scourge and cleanse my soul
Might kill me first, but’ll be the end of y’all

Standing on the edge
Another day departed
Remember where it started
The memories forgotten
Track Name: Rivals
Never been one myself to slack
Never been one to ever take no crap
Never looked back on mistakes past
Forever on track with this rock and rap
I got a heart heavy like a rifle strap
Let the drums hit you like a heart attack
And leave you bitch slapped/needless to say
And anybody who don’t like it I just blow ‘em away

Let it rain, let it rain
Let it rain fire on these cowards
Jolts of pain
I’ll see you all go down in flames
As you bow down to my name, assholes
I’m running a train

I spit it hot and heavy as usual
Let it be known the hate’s mutual
Let it sink in for any fools who doubt
Fucking forget it if you think we’re down and out
And I don’t give a damn what these leeches want
Feed ‘em nothing but dust, dirt, sand and salt
And kick ’em to the curb
Not even worth my words
And the next sound they heard was bullets dispersed

I can’t take this
No, I can’t take this
No more, I can’t take this
Even if it kills me I’ll make you face this

So take it all
Every little ounce of hate
No control
Hope you all suffocate
'Cus there’s no more patience left in me
When you put my back up against the wall
Track Name: Once Again
And I can’t grasp what happened
Rush of the moment
Something rogue that grabbed us
Gone in a glimpse
A rash lapse of madness
A sudden rush of blood to the head
Swept away underneath the tide
I couldn’t breathe, couldn’t see to get out in time
Confined to nothing but the pain inside
Staring right back into your eyes
And I just...

Could’ve been something for real
Could’ve been something for once
Nothing’s ever set in stone
Gone with the wind, blowing in the dust
And I can’t be your savior
Falling further through the cracks
Never knowing where to go
Ever since you turned your back
Restless to the bone

And I’m so lost in all this
Without a cause I can’t recall my purpose
Stuck on the surface with no words to part
Who would’ve ever thought that it would’ve come to this?
Swept apart right beneath the tide
I couldn’t breathe, couldn’t see to get out in time
Confined to nothing but the pain inside
To feel your hand slipping away from mine
And I just...

When everything all fades to gray
And all the colors wash away
I’ ll follow you down into flames
On the eve of destruction
I’ve forgotten your face
And all we had has all gone to waste
The memories all fall to pieces

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